Write or Draw on your iPad or iPhone or iOS Device

Open PowerPoint Slides from OneDrive

NOTE: It may be easier to go to the OneDrive app & open your PowerPoint presentation from there.

Just need a whiteboard on iPad or iPhone? Use steps below, which will use a blank PowerPoint slide.


Here is how to use PowerPoint on your iPad or iPhone, especially if you wish to write on your slides and save your writing, particularly if presenting from your iPad or iPhone.

  1. If PowerPoint app not installed, install from Apple App Store.
    1. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-powerpoint/id586449534
  2. Open PowerPoint app.

    PowerPoint app icon may not appear in same spot on your iPad or iPhone.
    iOS PowerPoint 1.png

    1. Sign in with Drexel userid and password if first time.
  3. Open a blank presentation (if you just need a whiteboard-like screen to draw on.
    iOS PowerPoint 2.png

  4. Or open up your own PowerPoint Slides.
    iOS PowerPoint 3.png

  5. Click Slide Show > From Start
    1. Or From Current if you want to swipe left or right to a specific slide at the bottom and open from there.
      iOS PowerPoint 4b.png

  6. Tap pencil icon. This enables writing with finger or Apple Pencil or stylus.

    1. Tap screen if toolbar at the top disappears.
      iOS PowerPoint 7.png


  7. To choose pen color, or user marker tool, or eraser tool, tap pencil-with-gear icon.
    iOS PowerPoint 8.png

  8. Write on the slide as you wish.

    1. Turn iPad or iPhone on its side while viewing its screen if you want a larger view of slides.
      iOS PowerPoint 10.png

  9. To disable writing, tap pencil icon again.

    Image below shows writing disabled.
    iOS PowerPoint 6.png

  10. With pencil disabled, swipe right or left with finger to move back or forward a slide.
  11. When finished, tap X in upper left.
    iOS PowerPoint 9.png

  12. Choose to Keep or Discard Annotations.
    1. Annotations means writing or drawings.
    2. This does NOT fully save your changes, but you need to choose "Keep" if you do want to later save your writings or drawings.
      iOS PowerPoint 11.png

  13. Click < in upper right. Then "Save." This truly saves your changes (and writings or drawings) to the PowerPoint file.
    iOS PowerPoint 13.png