Bb Learn Groups -- Smart Views

We recommend checking this. A “Smart View” is a pre-configured way of displaying certain columns and/or users in “Full Grade Center.” You can check this box, and a “Smart View” will be created displaying only the students in the group in “Full Grade Center.” 

You can access each "Smart View" by entering "Full Grade Center," clicking "Manage," and clicking "Smart Views." You can still easily access the normal view in “Full Grade Center” that displays all students, and creating one or more "Smart Views" doesn’t impact students at all. Also, this is one setting that you can’t enable later for some reason in the "Groups" area, but you can create a "Smart View" for any group by clicking to expand "Users and Groups" in the left-hand course menu, clicking "Groups," hovering over a group name with your mouse, clicking the circled down arrow next to that group name, and clicking "Create Smart View." 

However, checking the create "Smart View" option while creating a new group set saves time. These "Smart Views" may need to be remove after a course copy, but if you need help with that, let us know.