Bb Learn -- Content Areas -- Creating

Creating a Content Area Course Menu Link

If you want to add a content area course menu link, or if you are not sure what a content area is, see the following webpage:

Creating a Tool or Web or Course Link or a Subheader or Divider

Here is how to create a new link or text header or divider line in the left-hand course menu above the "Control Panel" in a Bb Learn course shell.
  1. Click the circled + sign at the top of the left hand nav panel.
  2. Click "Content Area."
    Bb Collab Ultra plus sign Content Area.png
  3. Click on the type of course menu link that you want to add.

    Tool Link:
    For discussion boards (not group ones), or announcements, or Bb Collaborate Ultra, or Course Analytics (Student Report), or Calendar, or more.
    If you are not sure what a particular tool does and wish to know, email (only if Drexel CCI faculty, staff, student).
    Blank Page:
    An entire page you can edit to which you can add text, images, files, and more.
    Web Link:
    A link to an external website outside of Bb Learn.
    Do not use to link to Bb Learn shell webpages.
    Course Link:
    A link to another part of the course shell
    Non-clickable text.
    A horizontal line for to separating sections in the left-hand course menu.
    Content Area:
    See the above section.
    Module Page:
    A page containing modules you selected to add.
    Bb Learn Groups -- Group Sets or Creating Multiple Groups
    The link above takes you straight to a section on modules.

  4. Enter a "Name."
    For Bb Collaborate Ultra, name this link "Bb Collaborate Ultra" (or what you will).
    For "Calendar," name this link "Calendar" (or what you will).
  5. For a "Tool Link," choose a "Type" drop-down menu option.

    For Announcements, choose "Announcements."
    For Bb Collaborate Ultra, choose "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra."
    For Calendar, choose "Calendar."
    For Course Analytics (Student Report), choose "Course Analytics (Student Report)."
    For Discussion Board, choose "Discussion Board." (Not for group discussion boards.)
    For My Grades (where students can easily see their grades and your feedback), choose "My Grades."
    For a Tools page for students, choose "Tools Area."

  6. Check the "Available to Users" box.
    Makes link available to students.
  7. Click "Submit."

Editing or Deleting Subheadings, Dividers, or Other Links in the Course Menu

Reorder Links in the Left Navigation Panel or Course Menu

Here is how to reorder links *ABOVE* the "Control Panel" in the left navigation panel (course menu) in a Bb Learn course section.

Links under the "Control Panel" in the left navigation panel (course menu) in a Bb Learn course section are not visible to students and cannot be reordered.

  1. Click the up-down arrow icon at top of left nav panel.
    up-down arrow top of left-hand nav menu in Bb Learn course section.png
  2. In "Reorder: Menu Items" pop-up window,
    select a link to move.
    Scroll up or down if necessary to find the link.
  3. Click the uparrow.png or downarrow.png.
    Moves selected course menu link up or down
    in "Items" area in "Reorder: Menu Items" pop-up window.
  4. When the left nav links are re-ordered as desired,
    click "Submit."
  5. Click "OK."