Bb Learn Groups -- Random Enroll Group Set Creation

What is a Group Set?

A group set is a set of two or more groups. You can create multiple groups simultaneously by creating a group set, and you can edit the settings and memberships of all the groups in a group set simultaneously.

Review the important notes webpage below for more information on BB Learn Groups.

Creating Random Enroll Group Sets

The directions below are for group sets where you have Blackboard Learn randomly assign students to group sets.

  • In the "Control Panel," click "Users and Groups," then click "Groups."
  • Click "Create" and under "Group Set" select "Random Enroll."
  • Put in a "Name" for the group set. Add a description if you want.
  • Choose if the groups should be visible to students or not.
  • If you choose "No," then at some point you will have to manually set these groups to be available before students can really use them.
    The "Making Groups Available" section further down this page will tell you how to make a group or group set unavailable. 
  • Uncheck any tools that you don't want students to use.
  • Uncheck the "Module Personalization Setting" box if you don't want students to be able to add modules to their own group space. 
  • If you want to create a "smart view" (a display that only shows the members of a group in "Full Grade Center") for each group in the set, "check" the box for it.
  • Now select whether you want to determine the number of groups by the number of students per group or simply by an arbitrary number of groups. Then select what to do with the remaining students not in a group; you can "Distribute the remaining members amongst the groups," "Put the remaining members in their own group," or "Manually add the remaining members to groups." Then click "Submit.
  • Remember to create a link to the "Groups" page in the left-hand navigation panel (course menu) in your Bb Learn course shell. 

The section below is a brief description of modules, which groups can use.

Modules are small windows that contain content, links, or various tools. Modules can only be seen on Module webpages in Bb Learn. You can enable Bb Learn groups to have customizable Module webpages.