OBS Studio -- Live Streaming


Recommend doing just a recording first using OBS Studio. See the webpage below for instructions.

If you use an external microphone, muting "mic/aux" is recommended to avoid echo effect in recording or streaming.

You may need to create and show a Live Video on a Page you manage for Facebook Live.

Go to "Settings" to adjust where videos are saved to, the format that they are saved in, and to set the live stream key and service (Facebook, YouTube).

You may want to create additional separate Google and Facebook accounts (use your own name) but with high privacy settings to do testing of Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

For Drexel CCI events, Mike Galloway will need to log you in to post on Facebook and YouTube.

https://obsproject.com/ (OBS Studio homepage and where you broadcast from)

Quick Start Doc on OBS


Quick Start Doc on OBS Forum


Guide to the different input sources that you can use


Facebook Live Help


More Facebook Live Help (click "Live Streaming")



YouTube Live Streaming Help

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