Bb Learn Tests -- Regrade or Cancel a Test Question

Once students start a test (or quiz or exam) in Bb Learn, it is imperative you do not delete test questions, change what is correct or incorrect on the test questions, or change the question or answer text. Test results can become corrupted if you do.

However, you can change the point value on one or more Bb Learn Test questions, and have Bb Learn automatically regrade the test without issue.

Here's how in *6 steps*.

  1. Click the  or circled down arrow next to a Bb Learn test.
       (a) And click "Edit the Test."
             Bb Cancel or Regrade Test Q 1.png

  2. Click into the box for the point value for the question you want to change.
       (a) And type in a new number value.

             Bb Cancel or Regrade Test Q 2.png

  3. Click "Submit and Regrade."

    Bb Cancel or Regrade Test Q 3.png

  4. Click "OK."

    Bb Cancel or Regrade Test Q 4.png

  5. Wait for the status message to say that regrading is complete.

    Bb Cancel or Regrade Test Q 5.png

  6. This will change the overall points possible for the test.
       (a) If you made all of your assignments and graded activities add up to 100 points, and you need help making the final grade calculation in 1 or more Total columns in "Full Grade Center" accurately calculate the grade, reach out to us.