Bb Learn Tests -- Retaking

If you have "Force Completion" enabled:


If you just want the student to retake the quiz:

  1. Go to “Full Grade Center.”
  2. Find the student’s grade or an exclamation point (if present) for the student’s submission for this test/exam/quiz column.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over the student’s grade or the exclamation point (if present).
  4. Click the circled down arrow.
  5. Click “View Grade Details."
  6. Click “Ignore Attempt.”
  7. Click “Return to Grade Center.”

If you want to allow all students to have multiple submissions:

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over this test/exam/quiz in the content area in the Bb Learn course section.
  2. Click the circled down arrow.
  3. Click “Edit the Test Options.”
  4. Scroll down & check “Multiple Attempts.”
  5. Select “Allow Unlimited Attempts” or “Number of Attempts”
       (a) And enter a number.
       (b) The above sets how many times someone can submit (attempt) the quiz.
  6. IMPORTANT: Be sure to also scroll down to “SHOW TEST RESULTS AND FEEDBACK TO STUDENTS.”
       (a) And make sure under “WHEN” you have a future date set for after the quiz is due or after an availability after date.
       (b) Always do this when allowing multiple submissions on any exam/test/quiz.
       (c) You don’t want students seeing what they got right or wrong before the quiz is due or unavailable and taking the quiz again.
       (d) Doing the above prevents that.
  7. And do NOT ever check Force Completion.
       (a) We always try to warn people not to. It just causes technical problems.
  8. Finally, of course, click “Submit.”