Bb Learn Basics -- Email -- Stopping Emails from Bb Learn


If you are a faculty or staff member enrolled in a Bb Learn course shell for review or accreditation purposes, and the Bb Learn course shell is currently being taught, you may not want to receive emails sent from instructors, course assistants, or students in that Bb Learn course shell to instructors, course assistants, and/or all students.

The instructions below explain how to add an email rule or filter to your Drexel exchangeweb email account so that emails sent from a particular Bb Learn course shell are automatically deleted.

Note: When Drexel CCI is upgraded to a new email system by Drexel University IT, these instructions will need to be updated, and customized email rules and filters may or may not be migrated to the new email system. Until then, however, the instructions below should work fine.

Not for Drexel Students

If you are enrolled in a course for credit, you should NEVER do anything to prevent emails sent from Bb Learn reaching you.

Filtering Bb Learn Emails in Exchangeweb

      1. Login to in an internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) using your DrexelOne username and password.
      2. Click "Options" in the upper right.
options link in exchangeweb (Small) (Small).png
      3. Click "Create an Inbox Rule."
create an inbox rule link under options in exchangeweb (Small).png
      4. Click "New."
New link on Inbox Rules page in exchangeweb (Small).png
      5. Click "More Options."
New Inbox Rule pop up window in exchangeweb (Small).png
      6. Under "* When this message arrives, and:"
          (a) Select "It was sent or received" > "Received from."
It was sent or received from and Received from selected in New Inbox Rule pop up window (Small).png
      7. In the "Address Book" window, copy into the "From ->" text box the following email address:
          (a) Then click "OK."
From field in Address Book in exchangeweb (Small).png
      8. Click "Add Condition."
Add Condition in New Inbox Rule pop up window in exchangeweb (Small).png
      9. From the 2nd drop-down menu under "*When the message arrives, and:"
          (a) Select "It Includes these words" > "in the subject..."
It includes these words in the subject selected in New Inbox Rule pop window (Small).png

      10. In the "Type words or phrases here" text box in the "Specify Words or Phrases" window, copy and paste the name of the Bb Learn course shell in the same format as the following examples:
          (a) The name you use may be different from the examples below, but it should be in the same format.
          (b) Examples:
                    i. INFO-355-900 - WI 16-17:
                    ii. INFO-219-001 - SP 16-17:
                    iii. CS-587-900 - SP 16-17:
          (c) Note: names of Bb Learn course shell appear in this format in the subject line of unwanted emails from Bb Learn.

      11. Click the green + or plus sign.
          (a) Then click "OK."
Specify Words or Phrases in exchangeweb (Small).png

      12. Check the email and course name set in the "New Inbox Rule" window.
          (a) Check that appears next to "It was received from..."
          (b) Check that the correct course name appears next to "It includes these words in the subject..."
Check that email and course name and subject line are set in New Inbox Rule (Small).png

      13. Under "Do the following" in the "New Inbox Rule" window:
          (a) Select "Move, copy, or delete" > "Delete the message."
Delete the message selected under Do the following in New Inbox Rule window (Small).png

      14. In the "Name of rule" text box in the "New Inbox Rule" window (scroll down if necessary):
          (a) Delete the existing text.
          (b) Enter the name of the Bb Learn course shell you entered above, without the colon or any quotation marks.
Name of rule text box in New Inbox Rule window (Small).png

      15. Click "Save" in the "New Inbox Rule" window.
          (a) Sign in again if prompted.

      16. The new rule should appear in the "Inbox Rules" table.

      17. Click "sign out" in the upper right.
sign out link in exchangeweb (Small).png