Microsoft Remote Desktop -- Set up Win PC for Remote Desktop access

Set up Windows computer for Remote Desktop access

  1. On the Windows computer someone is trying to remotely access, open the cmd command line prompt application window.
    Start > search for "run" > Run > type in: cmd.exe
    Type in: ipconfig
    Grab the IPv4 IP address ( or the something like that - BUT YOURS WILL BE DIFFERENT NUMBERS)
    IP address will be different for each user.

  2. Click Start > gear icon or Settings > System > Remote Desktop
  3. Turn Enable Remote Desktop On
    Make sure "Keep my PC awake…" and "Make My PC discoverable…" are checked.
    *IGNORE* the "Use this PC name to connect area."

  4. Under "User accounts," click "Select users that can remotely access this PC."
  5. Click "Add…" in the "Remote Desktop Users" window.
    Full time technical staff and iCommons crc should already be listed. If not, let us know at
    Add Yourself.

  6. Under "Enter the object names to select (examples)", type in "DREXEL\" (no quotes), followed by the user's DrexelOne userid or short form Drexel email address
    Example: DREXEL\mjg88
    Example 2: DREXEL\icommonscrc

  7. Click "Check Names"
    If an error, remove and re-type.

  8. Click "OK."
    User should now appear in "Remote Desktop Users" window.

  9. Click "Ok."
  10. Make sure the computer gets left on.
    No has to be logged in.

  11. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet.
  12. Follow the instructions on the relevant webpage now.
    Windows: Microsoft Remote Desktop -- Windows Access to a Windows Computer
    Mac: Microsoft Remote Desktop -- Mac access to Windows computer