Bb Learn Groups -- Group Assignments


Here's how to change an existing Bb Learn assignment into a group assignment and assign groups to that assignment.

This will also help if students cannot submit to your group assignment because groups have not actually been assigned to your group assignment. More troubleshooting help at the bottom of the page

  1. Create groups in your Bb Learn course shell.
    Haven't created groups yet?
    See Bb Learn Groups -- Manual Enroll Group Set Creation
  2. Make sure the group areas are available to students.
    Click to expand "Users and Groups," click "Groups," and look in the "Available" column.
    If the groups are not set to be available to students,
    see Bb Learn Groups -- Editing Group Settings
  3. In your Bb Learn course shell, find the Bb Learn assignment submission link.
    If you do not have an existing Bb Learn assignment link yet,
    or need help on how to edit/modify a Bb Learn assignment,
    see Bb Learn Assignments -- Creating and Modifying
  4. Hover over the assignment submission link or name with your mouse pointer.
    Click the circled down arrow next to the assignment's link or name.
    Click "Edit."
    Under "GRADING," click to expand "Submission Details."
    Submission Details section expanded when editing a Bb Learn assignment.png

  5. Select "Group Submission."
    From the "Items to Select" box, select a group name to which you want to assign the assignment.
    Then click the ">" or right arrow between the "Items to Select" and "Selected Items" box.
  6. Repeat step 5 above for each group you want to complete the assignment.
    You usually want to have all groups create the assignment, unless you had to modify groups memberships!
  7. Scroll up or down, and click "Submit."
    Repeat steps 1-6 for any other group Bb Learn assignments.

Grading Group Assignments

Grading group assignments is just like grading regular Bb Learn assignments.

Except when you grade 1 student in a group, the grades/comments/feedback are also simultaneously shared with all other group members.