Outlook -- FindTime or Scheduling Poll Issues


If you run into issues, open a web browser in web Outlook at https://outlook.office.com.

Not Using New Outlook on Windows? Try This.

Below are the instructions that should be followed in order to repair the add-in on the client version of Windows Outlook. (Not web Outlook):

  1. Click the Start Menu, and search for PowerShell
  2. Right-click & run it as Administrator. 
    Say Yes or Ok or Confirm to confirm you want to run as a Administrator
  3. Copy/paste the below lines into the command prompt, after the > symbol
    powershell Add-AppxPackage -register -disable
  4. press Enter/Return key on keyboard.
  5. Close and re-open Outlook.
Again, make sure...
  • you have someone listed in the To field,
  • and something in the subject field of the email,
  • and something in body or message area of the email,
  • or that that your event has someone invited and a description.

NOTE: FindTime is only available in Outlook installed on Windows. Web Outlook and Outlook on Mac both have its replacement built-in called Scheduling Poll.

CCI Commons can help to resolve the issue, If you face problems while going through the following steps. You can reach us at ihelp@drexel.edu, or our office location is in the 10th floor lobby.