Troubleshooting Remote Desktop


Basic Items to Cover First

  1. If the user is off-campus, are they connected (for sure) to Drexel's VPN?
  2. Let the user know we may need to sign them out or reboot the computer.
    (a) LAST RESORT DURING COVID-19 Quarantine
    (b) May not be able to login them back in.
  3. Login as Administrator on the computer that they are connecting to.
    (a) If the computer is not on, that's a problem.
  4. Make sure the computer has an internet connection.
    (a) Open Edge or a web browser. Browse to some random news story or website. Don't just check that there's an internet signal.
  5. Is "Allow remote connections to this computer" enabled?
    (a) Click Start. Search for "Control Panel" (no quotes). Search for "remote desktop" (no quotes) in the "Control Panel" window. Click "Allow remote access". In the "System Properties" window, be sure that "Allow remote connections to this computer" is selected and not grayed out.
    (b) Make sure the checkbox that only allows uses with Network Level Authentication is checked.
  6. Is the user in the list of allowed remote desktop users.
    (a) If the "System Properties" window is not still open, follow instructions for 4.1 again.
    (b) Click "Select Users."
    (c) Make sure the user's userid appears as an allowed user for remote desktoping, along mjg88 and bjb344 and jpm46 and icommonscrc, and such.
  7. Check that the user has the correct IP address.
    (a) Click Start, type in "cmd" (without quotes), type in at the command line prompt in the cmd.exe/terminal window:
    (b) ipconfig /all
    (c) Press Enter/Return.
    (d) In the Ethernet section, look for the IPv4 address.
    (e) Make sure the user is using the same one.
  8. If you or the users sees a "Remote Desktop Connection" error window appear that says:
    1. "An authentication error has occurred.

      The function requested is not supported.

      Remote computer: ccisccm
      This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation.
      For more information, see "

    2. Solution: RECOMMEND downloading Microsoft Remote Desktop app from Microsoft Store, which is built into all Windows 10 instances. Look in the Start menu under "M" or search for "Microsoft Store," then search the Microsoft Store for "Microsoft Remote Desktop."
      1. Their version of Microsoft Remote Desktop is old and incompatible.

Microsoft Account Authentication

  1. If the login prompt shows "MicrosoftAccount/userid", instead of using the userid or "DREXEL/userid", you can use your DREXEL/userid when entering the password. However, make sure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop application available on the Windows Store or Microsoft.
  2. If you are asked to sign in on the store, cancel or decline, but you will still need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app