Kaltura Drexel Streams -- Adding Media to Bb Learn -- Student Instructions

Creating Videos & Screen Recordings to Upload

Upload/Post Videos in Bb Learn with Kaltura

Kaltura is an embedded tool that lets you easily embed your uploaded Drexel Streams videos into Bb Learn assignment or discussion board or more.

Quick Instructions -- Submit by *Assignment Submission Link*

  1. Click the Assignment Submission link for your video presentation in the Bb Learn course section.
  2. Click "Write Submission" button on the Assignment submission page.
  3. In the large text box, click the ... icon on the far right.
    Expands the toolbar, if not already expanded.
    You'll see 2 rows of toolbars after that.
  4. Click the circled + sign.
  5. Select the "Kaltura Media Item."
  6. Wait for it to load.
  7. If you haven't uploaded your video yet:
    Click "+Add New."
    Click "Media Upload."
    Choose a file to upload.
    Find the video file on your computer & select/open the video file to upload it.
    Click "Save and Embed."
  8. If you already uploaded a video to Kaltura or Drexel Streams:
    Click "Save and Embed" video next to the video you want to submit.
    The video should appear in the large text box.
    Click "Submit" to submit your video presentation.

Quick Instructions -- Submitting through *Discussion Board*

NOTE: It looks like DU IT & Blackboard removed the circled + sign icon (even after clicking the ... icon) in the Discussion Board toolbar. But the method below does not rely on this, and this method will still work.

  1. Students: visit https://drexel.edu/it/streams 
    Login with Drexel Connect userid & password, if prompted.
    The Drexel Streams (Kaltura) website will appear.
  2. If video is already uploaded,
    Click "My Media."
  3. If video not uploaded:
    Click "+Add New" > "Media Upload" to upload a video. 
    Wait for it to load.
    Check box to agree to terms and conditions.
    Click file upload area to upload video.
    Find and upload video on computer.
    Wait for video to upload.
    Click "Save."
    Wait for "Your changes have been saved' message.
    Click "Go to My Media."
  4. Click title of video.
  5. Scroll under video to "ACTIONS,"
  6. Click "Publish" > "Unlisted" > "Save."
  7. Click "Share" tab.
  8. Copy the link under "Link to Media Page."
  9. Paste the link to the video in the discussion board post/thread for submitting the presentation.

Troubleshooting & More Information

Problems Uploading - Steps to Try

  1. Try again.
    Sometimes Kaltura or Drexel Streams has flukes.
  2. Also, close/re-open your web browser.
  3. Or try a different web browser.
  4. If the video is said to be incompatible or too large,
    Handbrake has been the free go-to for a long time to quickly solve those issues.
  5. For how to us Handbrake this, see:
    Handbrake -- Smaller Video File Size or Converting Video

Finding Uploaded Video, Audio, Media in Drexel Streams

It can be easier to search Drexel Streams for videos you uploaded via Kaltura to Bb Learn, rather than in Bb Learn.

Or you are in Drexel Streams and want to find a video, so here's how.

Go to Drexel Streams at:




Click "My Media" & search or browse.

OTHER Instructions

Drexel Streams to Create Video Links for Anyone

JUST A NOTE: Drexel Streams = Kaltura... mostly.

  • Drexel Streams and Kaltura are more or less the same.
  • The links below DO NOT SUBMIT videos to assignments or instructors. They are just good to know for this purpose, but there's more to submitting such assignments.
  • Drexel Streams is at:
    & has more features.
  • Kaltura is embedded in Bb Learn & lets you easily post in Bb Learn. Fewer features, though.
  • Same videos. Same backend service.
  • More on all of this below. 

Uploading Video, Audio, Media to Drexel Streams

It sometimes is easier or more helpful to upload a video you made to Drexel Streams directly, rather than through Bb Learn.

The links below DO NOT SUBMIT videos to assignments or instructors. 

They are just good to know for this purpose, but there's more to submitting such assignments.

Access Drexel Streams at:




& login with Drexel userid/password.

Click +ADD NEW > Media Upload > agree to the terms, if prompted > and then "Choose a file to upload. Follow on-screen instructions.

Again, this DOES NOT SUBMIT videos to assignments or instructors. 

It just can help towards that end.

Even More Information on Kaltura or Drexel Streams