Adding an Announcement Tool Link to the Left-Hand Course Menu

Creating a Content Area Course Menu Link

If you want to add a content area course menu link, or if you are not sure what a content area is, see the following webpage:

Creating a Tool or Web or Course Link or a Subheader or Divider

Here is how to create a new link or text header or divider line in the left-hand course menu above the "Control Panel" in a Bb Learn course shell.

  1. Click the + sign at the top of the left-hand course menu but beneath the "Home" link and house icon.


  2. Click on the type of course menu link that you want to add.

    1. Tool Link: For discussion boards (not group ones) or announcements or Bb Collaborate Ultra or Course Analytics (Student Report) or Calendar or more.
      1. If you are not sure what a particular tool does and wish to know, contact us.
    2. Blank Page: An entire page you can edit to which you can add text, images, files, and more.
    3. Web Link: A link to an external website outside of Bb Learn.
      1. Do not use to link to Bb Learn shell webpages.
    4. Course Link: A link to another part of the course shell
    5. Subheader: Non-clickable text.
    6. Divider: A horizontal line for to separating sections in the left-hand course menu.
    7. Content Area: See the above section.
    8. Module Page: A page containing modules you selected to add.
      1. Bb Learn Groups -- Group Sets or Creating Multiple Groups
        1. The link above takes you straight to a section on modules.

  3. Enter a "Name."
    1. For Bb Collaborate Ultra, name this link "Bb Collaborate Ultra" (or what you will).
    2. For "Calendar," name this link "Calendar" (or what you will).
  4. For a "Tool Link," choose a "Type" drop-down menu option.
    1. For announcements, choose "Announcements."
    2. For Bb Collaborate Ultra, choose "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra."
    3. For "Calendar," choose "Calendar."
    4. For "Course Analytics (Student Report)," choose "Course Analytics (Student Report)."
    5. For discussion board, choose "Discussion Board."
      1. Not for group discussion boards.
    6. For "My Grades (where students can easily see their grades and your feedback), choose "My Grades."
    7. For a "Tools" page for students, choose "Tools Area"  
  5. Check the "Available to Users" box to make the link available to students.
  6. Click "Submit."

Editing or Deleting Subheadings, Dividers, or Other Links in the Course Menu

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the heading, divider, or link to edit.
    1. You can only edit links above the "Control Panel" In the left-hand course menu. 
  2. Click the circled down arrow next to the heading, divider, or link.
  3. Choose "Rename Link," "Hide Link," "Show Link," or "Delete."
    1. Hiding or showing a content area? See the following webpage:
      1. Bb Learn Content Areas -- Hiding and Showing Course Menu Links
    2. Deleting a content area?

      1. Content, assignments, and tests in that content area, along with corresponding Grade Center columns, will be deleted permanently, with some exceptions:

        1. Test and survey master templates in the course shell remain.
        2. Discussion board forums/threads/posts and grades remain.
        3. Blogs, wikis, and journal posts, comments, and grades remain.
        4. Groups remain, but not group assignment submission links in content areas and corresponding Grade Center columns.
        5. Course reserve items remain.
        6. Kaltura audio/video remain in other parts of Bb Learn, but if you are not an owner, co-editor, or co-publisher of the video, you may have difficulty recovering it.
        7. Embedded media or files usually remain in the shell's content collection but will be inaccessible to students.
          1. If you absolutely need to delete these files or use them again, see the Additional Assistance section below to contact us.
          2. If you use VoiceThread, before deleting the content area, see the Additional Assistance section below to contact us.
        8. Bb Collaborate Ultra rooms/sessions/recordings.

  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. Click "Submit."

Reorder Links in the Left Navigation Panel or Course Menu

Here is how to reorder links *ABOVE* the "Control Panel" in the left navigation panel (course menu) in a Bb Learn course shell. Links under the "Control Panel" in the left navigation panel (course menu) in a Bb Learn course shell are not visible to students and cannot be reordered.

  1. Click the up-down arrow icon at the top of the left navigation panel (course menu).


  2. In the "Reorder: Menu Items" pop-up window, select the link to move up or down.
    1. Scroll up or down if necessary to find the link.
  3. Click the  or  to move the selected course menu link up or down in the "Items" area in the "Reorder: Menu Items" pop-up window.
  4. When the left navigation panel link is in the desired location, click "Submit."
  5. Click "OK" at the prompt telling you the navigation panel links have been reordered.