Bb Grade Center -- Working Offline or Downloading and Uploading



You can download grade information from "Full Grade Center" in Bb Learn as TXT or CSV file, make changes to that file, and then later upload that file to Bb Learn.

To download from "Full Grade Center," see the following page. Then return here.

You may also want to see the alternative upload instructions here.

IMPORTANT: Save a copy of the file you downloaded originally and make changes to a new copy of that download file, in case you have some problems with uploading changes to Bb Learn.

When you save changes to your TXT or CSV file, be sure to keep the file in the same format and file format that it was in when you originally downloaded the file.

The instructions below tell you how to upload to Bb Learn from your computer a changed TXT or CSV file that you originally downloaded from "Full Grade Center."

  1. Click "Grade Center" in the "Control Panel" in the left-hand course menu in your Bb Learn course shell or shell.
  2. Click "Full Grade Center."
  3. Click "Work Offline."
  4. Click "Upload."
  5. Click "Browse My Computer." Locate and select the file to upload.
  6. Select "Delimiter" type. "Auto" attempts to detect the delimiter type automatically. "Comma" is for CSV files. "Tab" is for text files.
  7. On the "Upload Grades Confirmation" screen, review the list of data from the file to be uploaded. Clear the check boxes for any data to be excluded from the upload. Using this method, you can upload only the columns of data you want from the file. Review the Data Preview column to be sure the correct data is being uploaded. Data that appears incorrectly can denote an improperly formatted file. The data preview only shows a sample of the data in each column in the file. Large files take significant time to process and a warning message appears for any files that need extra time to process. To avoid long processing times, break up large files into separate uploads. (This step taken straight from Blackboard's Help page.)
  8. After reviewing the upload data, click "Submit."
  9. A green confirmation message will appear on the "Full Grade Center" page when the upload is complete. Information about changes to column names or other changes might appear in the green message.
Additional information on uploading or downloading from "Full Grade Center" to work offline can be found at the link below. This page also talks about how to format the file and how to upload comments for a single column.