Discussion Boards -- Attaching a File to a Post


INSTRUCTORS: Each Bb Learn discussion board forum needs to be configured to allow attachments. Instructors who are unsure how to do this should see the following webpage:

Here is how instructors and students can attach files to a post (reply or thread) in a Bb Learn discussion board form.

  1. Create a new thread (if you can) or reply to a post in the Bb Learn discussion board forum where you want to attach a file.
    If you don't know how to do this, see the following page:
    Video -- Discussion Board Use
  2. In the "Message" text box, if you see an ellipis icon orĀ ellipsis Bb Learn text editor box for more options or toolbar rows.png in the far right of the toolbar, click it, and you'll see additional formatting options or toolbars.
    For how to attach a file, see:
    Bb Learn Basic - Content Area - Text Editor Box for Items, Folders, and More
  3. Add or edit the "Subject" and "Message" fields without changing the hyperlinks to file that you added in the above steps.
  4. If part or all of your work is posted on one or more websites outside of Bb Learn or Drexel Learn, please include the URLs or web addresses somewhere in the "Message" area of your post.
    If you do not know how to post links in Bb Learn, see the following webpage.
    Bb Learn Discussion Boards -- Adding a Link to a Post
  5. Click "Submit" to publish the discussion board thread or reply.