Video -- Test Creation and Editing

Video -- 7.5 minutes

Important Notes


See below for additional optional information, some of which is referred to in the video.

Information on each type of question and how to create them can be found at the link below.

Test options explained at the link below. 

Written step-by-step instructions for creating and editing tests are at the webpages below.

Video Outline

  • High initial effort but can have big pay off
  • Create a test
  • Test Name
  • Test Description and Instructions
    • Can be edited later
  • Create a question
    • Question types link from Bb Learn
      • See Important Notes above
  • Example: Multiple Choice Question
    • Question Title
    • Question Text
    • Answer Numbering
    • Answer Orientation
    • Allow Partial Credit [not explained deeply here]
    • Show Answers in Random Order
    • Adding answers and setting correct answer
    • Feedback on correct and incorrect answers
    • Instructor notes only you see
    • Submit
  • Edit points on question
  • Edit question
  • Reuse questions
    • Question Pools [not explained deeply here]
      • See CCI documentation. [Ask us if you can't find it.]
    • Random Blocks (not explained deeply here)
      • See CCI documentation. [Ask us if you can't find it.]
      • Generally use Question Set
    • Creating a Question Set
      • Can make random questions.
      • Can pool from other tests or questions pools
      • How to submit questions form other tests
      • Displaying a random selection of questions or all questions in question set
  • Specify test to deploy
  • Test Options page
    • See Important Notes above for more information on options
    • Make question available if you want
      • Not available by default
    • If allow multiple attempts, watch what feedback and results you show
      • See Important Notes area mentioned above
    • Force Completion not recommended
      • Any loss of connection to page will submit test for student
      • Do have documentation if you do use Force Completion and run into trouble
    • Timer and auto-submit
      • Recommended in place of Force Completion
  • Edit the Test Options
    • Not editing test questions, instructions, or description here
  • Edit the Test
    • Edit the test questions
    • Edit instructions and description
  • See Important Notes area above on tests
  • Do not edit test questions once students start the test
  • See TA Grading training video for how to grade a test
    • Also a much shorter video specifically on grading tests