QuickTime -- Basics

Mac only, edits video (limited editing).

  • Pre-installed on Macs and found under Applications.
  • Video Instructions
  • Help (Scroll down to the "Record your screen" section):
  • Record computer display and audio *OR* webcam and audio are defaults.
    • To record audio, see screenshot below where I've circled the arrow you need to click to select your microphone.
      Mac Quicktime Recorder Screenshot (1).png
    • Record webcam *and* computer display work-around: Click "File > New Movie Recording," position the movie recording window and re-size it and set it to float on top via "View > Float on Top". Then click "File > New Screen Recording” and make a screen recording.
  • Editing? Limited. Can trim unnecessary content from beginning or end of video.
  • Adding video or audio to Bb Learn? See link below (Recordings automatically uploaded to Drexel Streams):
  • Providing captioning for videos you create is highly recommended.

    See Captions.