Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Polling

Video and Written Instructions

You can create impromptu polls in a Bb Collaborate Ultra room or session.

Blackboard's Polling webpage below has a 1-minute instructional video and good step-by-step written instructions.

More on Polling

Here are some additional notes on polling in Bb Collaborate Ultra.

  • Ask questions aloud or via text chat and create a poll on the fly for people to respond to.
  • Polling results are not shown to students until you click the little eyeball icon
    and "Show Responses" link in the polling window in an Ultra room or session.
  • You can close the Polling results without ever sharing those results with students.
  • When you start a poll, results are hidden be default.
  • The only way to keep results of a poll after the poll is to take a screenshot on your laptop or computer.
  • Individual responses to polling questions are not saved anywhere in Ultra.
  • You cannot assign responses, names, or labels to the choices offered in the polls.
  • Do not share your computer display or an application while using the Polling feature,
    unless you don't care that students see results.