Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Mobile

Here is how to attend a Bb Collaborate Ultra room or session on a mobile Google Android or Apple iOS (iPad or iPhone) device.
Data charges will apply.

You will likely want to have the Bb Student app installed.
You will also likely want to use Google Chrome on your mobile device.

Find the Bb Collaborate Ultra webpage in the Bb Learn course shell,
and click the "Join Room" link or enter the scheduled session.

  • If you cannot connect via the Bb Student app,
    then join through your internet browser.
    Google Chrome is recommended.
  • When you click "Join Room," and see the loading circle,
    tap 3-4 times with your finger on the screen on your mobile device.
  • Then select to join through your phone's internet browser,
    and Google Chrome is the recommended internet browser.

Bb Student and Collaborate Apple iOS (iPad or iPhone) application download links:

Bb Student and Collaborate Google Android application download link:

Here is a video on using Bb Collaborate Ultra on Android.