Outlook -- Web or Internet Browser

  1. Visit https://outlook.office.com in an internet browser. Click link below for alternative methods.

    1. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge will all work. Edge is not recommended for use with Bb Learn.
    2. Alternative method: Visit https://portal.office.com in an internet browser, login as described in step 2 below, and click the "Mail" tile icon.
    3. Alternative method 2: Visit https://exchangeweb.drexel.edu, login as described in step 2 below, and click the http://outlook.com/owa/drexel0.onmicrosoft.com link offered there.
    4. Alternative method 3: Visit https://one.drexel.edu in an internet browser, login as described in step 2 below, hover your mouse pointer over "Email" in the upper right, and click "Office 365 Email."

       Office 365 Email link under Email drop-down menu in DrexelOne.png

      1. Then once more, login as described in step 2 below

  2. Login with your DrexelOne or Drexel Connect userid email address and password.
    1. This email address contains your DrexelOne or Drexel Connect username, followed by "@drexel.edu" (without quotes).
  3. First time use

Create a Folder

Right-click an existing folder, select "Create new subfolder," type in the new folder or subfolder name, and press Enter/Return on the keyboard.

Cannot Find Your Email Folders?

 Click here to expand for instructions.

  1. After login and first time set-up, click the "More" link in the left-hand panel.

    Click More in Outlooke Office 365.png 

  2. Click  or down arrow next to the "Inbox" folder or any other folder's name to look for your email folders.

    1. Folders with a down arrow next to their name contain sub-folder within them.

      Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 2.57.08 PM.png

Expand Email Icon

In case you are struggling to see the contents of the email on the web, there is a cool feature that can expand the entire email. You will need to click on a small icon towards the bottom right which should have an expansion symbol on it. Clicking that will expand the email for better visibility.

expand email icon in web Outlook (Small).png