Bb Learn Left Nav Panel -- Adding a Content Area Link

Example of a Content Area and Link

A content area in a Bb Learn course section is a webpage that has the "Build Content," "Assessments," "Tools," and "Partner Content" drop-down menus at the top.

The name of your content area will likely be different than "Course Materials."

Content Areas Bb Learn 2.png


The link in the left-hand navigation panel leading to a Content Area can also be called a Content Area.

Again, your content area will likely have a different name than "Course Materials."

Course Materials Bb Learn.png

In a Content Area, you add, well, content. Like Items or Content Folders (from under "Build Content") to add text, web links, images, files, and folders. Assignment and test submission links appear in Content Areas as well.

Creating a Content Area Link (and Area Itself)

To create a link to a new Bb Learn "Content Area," do the following:

  1. In your Bb Learn course section, click the plus or + sign at the top of the left navigation panel.

    New Content Area Bb Learn.png

  2. Click "Content Area."
  3. Enter a "Name" for the "Content Area."
  4. Check the "Available to Users" box if students should see the content area.
       (a) You can change this later.
       (b) Students cannot see any part of a course section if the course is not available, no matter the option you set here.
  5. Click "Submit."

Reorder Links in the Left Navigation Panel or Course Menu

Here is how to reorder links *ABOVE* the "Control Panel" in the left navigation panel (course menu) in a Bb Learn course shell. Links under the "Control Panel" in the left navigation panel (course menu) in a Bb Learn course shell are not visible to students and cannot be reordered.

  1. Click the up-down arrow icon at the top of the left navigation panel (course menu).


  2. In the "Reorder: Menu Items" pop-up window, select the link to move up or down.
       (a) Scroll up or down if necessary to find the link.
  3. Click the up_reorder_course_menu_window-2.png or down_reorder_course_menu_window.png to move the selected course menu link up or down in the "Items" area in the "Reorder: Menu Items" pop-up window.
  4. When the left navigation panel link is in the desired location, click "Submit."
  5. Click "OK" at the prompt telling you the navigation panel links have been reordered.