Kaltura Drexel Streams -- Finding Your Kaltura Audio or Video After It Is Uploaded

There are 4 ways to see your upload Kaltura Drexel Streams videos.

  1. Visit https://drexel.edu/it/streams , and login. Click "My Media."
  2. Visit https://1513041.mediaspace.kaltura.com/ , and login. Click "My Media."
  3. Visit Bb Learn at https://learn.dcollege.net , and click "Sign In Standard" > "Tools" (in left navigation panel) > "Kaltura My Media."
  4. Visit DrexelOne at https://one.drexel.edu , login, click "CAMPUS+COMMUNITY", scroll down to "Drexel Streams."

If you are a Co-Editor, Co-Publisher, or Co-Viewer rather then the original uploader:

  • Steps #1 & #2 will likely work best.
  • And you may need to click "Filters" and choose 1 or more "Ownership" options.
  • For example: "Media I Can Publish" or "Media I Can Edit."