Bb Learn Tests -- Formatting

Line Break Issues

First solution method

  • In the Answer text box, click the "..." to expand the toolbar into 3 rows.

  • Click "{;}" icon and choose HTML/XML. You can NOT use BOLD or ITALIC text here, but what you type or copy here, will preserve line breaks, though you may have to re-add them after a copy/paste.Save your code in the pop-up window.If you need to modify it, double-click the box in the Answer text box with the code in it.

Second solution method

  • Compose the these code questions in Words
  • Take a screenshot and insert the screenshot into the Answer text box, using the methods below.
  • Use Snip & Sketch app in Windows.Click New > Snip Now. Drag and drop over the portion you want.
    Use the crop tool if needed.
    Save image again.

When adding or editing future quiz questions, click the ... 

to make sure you have all toolbars showing in the "Question Text" area.Click the circled + sign.Click Insert Local File.Choose your image.Drag/drop corners. Submit/save.
Bb Learn won't otherwise preserve line breaks.