Kaltura Drexel Streams -- Express Capture

Express Capture -- An Option if No Screen Recording is Needed

Once you have a video finished.

  1. Visit DrexelOne at https://one.drexel.edu
    and login (if you haven't already).
  3. Scroll down, and look in lower right for "Drexel Streams" and click that link.
  4. If you already uploaded your video, click "+ ADD NEW," and click "Express Capture"
  5. Disable any ad blocking or privacy enhancing software. 
  6. Allow your microphone and camera to be used.
  7. Press the red record circle/button, and recording starts in 3 seconds.
  8. Press the small white stop square to stop recording.
  9. Recording auto-plays. Press pause || sign to pause. (If not playback, allow playback in browser if browser disables that automatically. Look in address bar of browser for icon to toggle.)
  10. Either press button to "Download a Copy" or press "Use This" to upload to Kaltrua or Drexel Streams.
  11. If you pressed "Use This," video uploads, but you can scroll down and add title, description, and tag metadata, and if you want to share the video publicly, set it to "Unlisted." Then "Save" your changes. Video will take some time to process before it's available for playback. Click "Go to Media" for more options for video, or click "Go to My Media" or "My Media" to see your other videos.

See the webpage below for how to add your recording to Bb Learn

Captions -- Auto-Generated