Discussion Boards -- Tree View

The 4 steps below will tell how you to enable and use the "Tree View" option in a Blackboard Learn Discussion Board and view read and unread threads and subthread responses.
     1. Click on the name of a discussion board forum.
      forum grade.png
     2. In the upper right, click on "Tree View."
      tree view button.png
     3. If the name listed in the "Author" column for a particular thread is in bold, then there are one or more unread posts in that thread. If read or unread responses have been made to a particular thread, a "plus" sign or "+" appears next to the thread. Click the plus sign to get an expanded view of the thread.
      anonymous test.png
     4. Click on the thread title or subthread response title to view the actual body of the message within that thread or subthread response. Unread subthread responses will also appear as "bold."