Announcements -- Posting or Creating

Students can find announcements from Instructors and TA's in the "Announcements" section in the left navigation panel in your Bb Learn course section.

If such a link is not present already, create an "Announcements" link in the left-hand course menu in your Bb Learn course section. For how to create this link, see Adding an Announcement Tool Link to the Left-Hand Course Menu

You can also choose to email all students when you post an announcement.

Here is how to post an announcement in Bb Learn (and optionally send an email to the entire class).

  1. Click the “Announcements” link in the left-hand course menu.
  2. Click “Create Announcement.”
  3. Enter a subject.
  4. Enter your message in the message or body text box. Click the ... to expand the toolbar for more options.
  5. To send an email, check the box to send an email, if you wish to send an email to everyone in the Bb Learn course shell.
    Scroll down on the Bb Learn "Create Announcement page" to see this email option.
  6. Be sure to click "Submit" or "Save" to post the announcement (and send the email if you checked that option).


Neither you nor students can reply to this email within Bb Learn. Bb Learn will only post the announcement, and optionally send out the email to students and instructors (and TA's). When students reply to the email, the reply will go to any instructors or TA's only, and be sent to their email inboxes. If you have a Drexel userid, the email goes to your Drexel inbox at . Login with your Drexel and Drexel password, and choose "company or school account" or "work or school account," if prompted.

You cannot schedule the announcement to appear in the future and check the email option.