BB Learn Grading Assignments -- Submitting on Behalf of a Student

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If you submit on behalf of a student, you won't be able to do the following:

  • Download the submission made on behalf of the student when you download all submissions
  • View the student's "Attempt" or see the "Grade Assignment" webpage for the student

You will be able to grade the student, though, and you'll have a record of the student's submission in "Full Grade Center."


    Here is how to submit to a Bb Learn assignment on behalf of a student.

    1. Click to expand "Grade Center" in the left-hand navigation menu in your Bb Learn course section.

      Grade Center link in left hand navigation in Bb Learn course shell.png

    2. Click "Full Grade Center."

      Full Grade Center link under Grade Center in left-hand navigation panel in Bb Learn coures shell.png

    3. Find the empty cell or box for the student's assignment

      Something like 1 of the 2 empty cells or boxes circled below are what you are looking for.

      They won't be circled, and your assignment will have a different name in the top header row for the column.

      The crossed out cell or box with the exclamation point has a submission made by a student to BB Learn. This exclamation point submission can be graded normally.
      Empty cells in a grade column in Full Grade Center.png

    4. Click the cell, enter a grade for the student in the cell, and press the Enter/Return key.

      Your assignment will have a different name.

      You will likely enter a different numeric value for the grade.

      Cell after it is clicked:
      Typing a grade into a cell in Full Grade Center.png
      Grade typed into cell:
      Grade Typed into cell in Full Grade Center.bak.png
      Grade after pressing Enter/Return:
      Grade entered into cell in Full Grade Center.png

    5. Hover over that cell with your mouse, and click the circled down arrow in that cell.
      Circled down arrow in cell in Full Grade Center.png
    6. Click "Quick Comment."
      Quick Comment link for a cell in Full Grade Center.png
    7. Click the "Text Editor" button.
      Text Editor button for Small Feedback to Learner and Grading Notes window in Full Grade Center.png
    8. A "Text Editor Feedback and Notes " pop-up window will appear.
      Your user/student and column/assignment will not have the same names.
      Text Editor Feedback and Notes pop-up window in Full Grade Center.png
    9. Click the 3-dot more options icon or 3-dot more options icon in text editor in Bb Learn.png for more options in the toolbar.
      There are 2 images below.
      Click the 3-dot more options icon to expand the toolbar for the Grading Notes box.
      Double-down arrow in Grading Notes box toolbar in Full Grade Center.png
      Here is what the expanded toolbar looks like.
      Grading Notes with all toolbars expanded in Full Grade Center.png
    10. To attach a file or image, click the circled plus sign or circled plus sign in Text Editor in Bb Learn (Small).png icon.
    11. In the "Add Content" pop-up window that appears, click "Insert Local Files."
      Add Content options to insert files or add Kaltura after clicking plus sign in text editor.png
    12. Select a Word, PDF, or other type of file to add.

      Image files
      will simply appear in the Text Editor box.
      Click & drag on a corner of the image to re-size it.

    13. The link to the non-image file appears as a hyperlink in the Text Editor box.

      The text of the hyperlink is the file name.
      Example. Your file's name will not be named this.hyperlinked file in Bb Learn text editor.png

    14. To change the hyperlink text, right-click or control-click the hyperlink. Then click "Link...
      Right-click hyperlinked file and click link to change name in Bb Learn text editor 2.png

    15. Modify the text in the "Text to display box" & click "Save."
      Recommended: Set "Open link in..." to "New window."
      "Title" field is for the text that appears when your user hovers mouse pointer over link.

      Insert or edit link pop-up change text to display in text editor in Bb Learn.png

    16. Add notes that students cannot see to the "Grading Notes" field.
    17. Click "Submit" in the "Text Editor Feedback and Notes" pop-up window.
    18. Repeat the above steps to attach new files.

      Recommended: put new file on each line.

    19. Add more "comments," if you wish, into the "Feedback to Learner" text box.
    20. If you wish, share the webpage below with your students on how view grades and your comments and attachments in the "Feedback to Learner" area.

      Bb Learn Assignments -- How Students View Feedback

Viewing and Modifying Attached Files and Notes or Feedback

There are a couple ways of viewing and modifying attached files and feedback or comments using the above method in "Full Grade Center."

  • In "Full Grade Center," hover over a student's grade, click the circled down arrow next to the student's grade, click "Quick Comments," and click "Text Editor." To save changes, click "Submit."
  • In "Full Grade Center," hover over a student's grade, click the circled down arrow next to the student's grade, click "View Grade Details," and click "Manual Override." To save changes, click "Save." Click "Return to Grade Center" in lower right to return to "Full Grade Center."