Bb Learn Tests -- Video -- Creation and Editing

Video -- 7.5 minutes

Important Notes


Information on each type of question and how to create them can be found at the link below.

Test options explained at the link below. 

Written step-by-step instructions for creating and editing tests are at the webpages below.

Video Outline

  • High initial effort but can have big pay off
  • Create a test
  • Test Name
  • Test Description and Instructions
    • Can be edited later
  • Create a question
    • Question types link from Bb Learn
      • See Important Notes above
  • Example: Multiple Choice Question
    • Question Title
    • Question Text
    • Answer Numbering
    • Answer Orientation
    • Allow Partial Credit [not explained deeply here]
    • Show Answers in Random Order
    • Adding answers and setting correct answer
    • Feedback on correct and incorrect answers
    • Instructor notes only you see
    • Submit
  • Edit points on question
  • Edit question
  • Reuse questions
    • Question Pools [not explained deeply here]
      • See CCI documentation. [Ask us if you can't find it.]
    • Random Blocks (not explained deeply here)
      • See CCI documentation. [Ask us if you can't find it.]
      • Generally use Question Set
    • Creating a Question Set
      • Can make random questions.
      • Can pool from other tests or questions pools
      • How to submit questions form other tests
      • Displaying a random selection of questions or all questions in question set
  • Specify test to deploy
  • Test Options page
    • See Important Notes above for more information on options
    • Make question available if you want
      • Not available by default
    • If allow multiple attempts, watch what feedback and results you show
      • See Important Notes area mentioned above
    • Force Completion not recommended
      • Any loss of connection to page will submit test for student
      • Do have documentation if you do use Force Completion and run into trouble
    • Timer and auto-submit
      • Recommended in place of Force Completion
  • Edit the Test Options
    • Not editing test questions, instructions, or description here
  • Edit the Test
    • Edit the test questions
    • Edit instructions and description
  • See Important Notes area above on tests
  • Do not edit test questions once students start the test
  • See TA Grading training video for how to grade a test
    • Also a much shorter video specifically on grading tests