BB Learn Grading Assignments -- Grading within BB Learn with Box, a.k.a. Inline Grading

Instructions for Grading and Making Comments within BB Learn -- Bb Annotate

You can grade within Bb Learn by doing the following.

  1. Click to expand "Grade Center" in the left navigation panel, and click to enter "Full Grade Center" in your Bb Learn course shell.

     Click Grade Center then Full Grade Center in Bb Learn coures shell.png

  2. Find the column for the assignment in the "Full Grade Center" table.
    Cannot find the column?
    See the following webpage for a common issue for Mac users.
    Bb Learn Grade Center -- Cannot Scroll Right on a Mac
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over the cell with an exclamation point (or numeric grade) for a student in that column.

     Circled down arrow in assignment cell in Full Grade Center grading table.png

  4. Click the circled down arrow in that cell.

     Circled down arrow in assignment cell in Full Grade Center grading table.png

  5. Click "Attempt..."
    If multiple attempts, click the most recent.Select attempt under circled down arrow for assignment in Full Grade Center.png
  6. You can use the "Bb Annotate" features to grade assignments in Bb Learn.

    For more, see the webpage below.
    **IN PARTICULAR**, see the "Bb Annotate" section at the link below.

Alternative Grading Instructions -- Downloading and Uploading Assignments

The webpages below include optional alternative methods for grading Bb Learn assignments, where you download the assignments, make changes in Word or another application, and then upload the assignments.